If you choose KPS over KAS, be ready to salute and ofcourse fewer promotions

Jammu and Kashmir

JAMMU, Apr 27: Civil Services Examination conducted by the State Public Services Commission (PSC), Kashmir Police Services (KPS) are facing gross discrimination in terms of promotions, fixation of seniority and salaries as compared to their colleagues, who are selected as KAS in the same exam.

The matter of fact is that the KPS officer can’t even risk to get their grievances addressed from the State Government or Police Headquarters as their KAS colleagues can do.

Unionism is banned in the Police Services while the KAS officers and other Gazetted Service officers have duly registered Associations and can project their cause at any forum.

Sources told that, in December 2011 in a writ petition titled Anita Sharma v/s State had asked the Home Department of the State Government to re-write the seniority list of the KPS officers.

However, four and half years, have passed the Government hasn’t issued the seniority list.

As such, they pointed out, a KAS officer without being inducted into IAS reached Pay Band 4 while a KPS officer retires  in Pay Band 3, which later leads to massive difference between pay and pensionary benefits of the KAS and KPS officers.

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