If you want to be rich, remove these things from your house immediately

Flowers to God

If you offer flowers to God every morning, then don’t forget to remove them as evening approaches. Stale flowers spread a lot of negativity in the house.

Clean the clutter

Don’t let too much clutter collect in the house — make sure you clean all things regularly and discard unwanted objects in the house.


Don’t leave any dairy products like milk uncovered in the house, ever. If the milk is warm, then cover it with a thin film before you keep it in the fridge.

Shoe rack

Don’t let shoes and socks collect anywhere near your home temple — also don’t take off your shoes inside the house. Assign an area outside the house to keep the shoe rack.

Feeding the cow

When you cook chapatis, keep the first one for any neighbourhood animal, especially a cow — doing so will promote prosperity in your house. You can even feed the chapati to a dog.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants not only give off oxygen while purifying the air inside the house — they also promote the positive influx of prosperity in the house. Keep some indoor plants in your house.

Thorny plants

Keeping thorny plants such as cactus inside the house leads to poverty and poor health for members of the family, so avoid. Keep them outside the house, if needed.

Tulsi plant

We all know that the Tulsi plant is considered sacred for every home and regularly praying to it can give you peace and prosperity. However, do you know that a Tulsi plant in the southern corner of your house can land you and your family in deep trouble? Avoid.

Peepal tree

A peepal tree is known for its many health benefits — however it is also equally known to be the home of evil spirits — keeping a peepal tree in the Eastern corner of your house can lead to fear and tension in the house.

Banyan tree

A old banyan tree in the Eastern corner of the house gives its members security and also makes the financial situation of the house better.

Ganesh Pooja

Before entering a new home or office, do perform the Ganesh pooja, Navagrah Shanti, and Vastu Purush poojan.

How to negate your Vastu Dosha

For those of who are struggling with Vastu Dosha, try this. You should perform the Navachandi Yagya, Shantipath and Agnihotra Yagya in your house regularly to negate your Vastu Dosha.

An easy tip

Here’s another easy Vastu trick you can do at home — wrap some red sand, cashew nuts and powla (small rock) in a red cloth and keep it in the Western direction of the house on a Tuesday. Pray to it regularly.

Vastu Dosha

When constructing a new home, make sure that all the products you use are new — using an old door, frames or an old lock can spread Vastu Dosha in the house.

The front door

Do not let your feet touch the front door of the house while entering — apart from this, hang a swastik sign on your front door for good luck and prosperity.

Rudra Abhishek

If you have Vastu Dosha troubling you, then perform a Rudra Abhishek on every Amavasya night — this will negate all the Vastu Doshas in your house.

Lord Ganesh

It is important for each house to have an idol of Lord Ganesha in the house — pray to it everyday. Make sure you keep the idol away from dust and grime.

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