IG Traffic J&K floats Seat Belt Safety and No Honking Awareness campaign


trafficU4U Voice and Group Chairman , Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta along with IGP Traffic, Mr. Muneer Khan, IPS  launched an awareness campaign today which intends to address two major traffic violation problems encountered on a day to day basis.

Among the many guidelines issued to the respectable citizens of the state, two major issues are The Wearing of Seat Belts that most drivers carelessly ignore and The Unwarranted Honking that marks the driving style of a good chunk of motorists.

Other prominent senior officers who were also present at the launch of this awareness campaign are DIG Traffic Jammu, Nisar Ahmed, IPS; SSP Traffic Jammu, Mohan Lal; SSP Traffic National Highways Sanjay Kotwal and SP Traffic Rural, Jammu, Ravi Kant Sharma.

It was generally felt by all the officers in Traffic police and U4U Voice team officials that the time has now come for society in general and Motorists in particular to realize the fact that noise pollution is a very serious menace. The effects of noise pollution do not become prominent immediately but they severely cause damage to humans affecting the hearing ability, the nervous system and are also the basis for many heart related problems. Noise pollution affects those who drive or are the co-passengers, the pedestrians and those who reside near the main roads.

Along with the No-Honking Stickers that were released by IGP Traffic, were stickers that remind the drivers in cars to wear seat belts. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the top states in India prone to deadly road accidents going by the sheer number of deaths in road accidents. Most four-wheeler drivers in the cities and elsewhere in J&K can be seen driving their vehicles without wearing seat-belts. Not only does that exponentially increase the extent of injury to a driver in an accident, but it is even more dangerous for the co-passengers. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the top states prone to deadly road accidents.

Another issue which was discussed was of the riders on two-wheelers not wearing crash-helmets. Popular opinion among the traffic officials is that both the riders on a two-wheeler should wear helmets to reduce the impairment by head-injuries that these riders can concede even if not riding at high speeds. In these last two months itself, multiple cases of on-spot deaths have been reported where mostly young boys have died and were not wearing helmets. The most popular being the two brothers who crashed into a traffic police vehicle and died on spot.

U4U Voice urges all the respectable citizens of the state for the religious observation of traffic rules and guidelines thus making it appropriate for any civilized society to head towards the growth in tandem with mental well being.

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