IGP orders transfers of Police Inspectors

IGP orders transfers of Police Inspectors

Jammu, February, 24th  : IGP Jammu Zone , Jammu Shri Danish Rana –IPS Transferred  seven Police Inspectors to different ranges and adjusted  two Police Inspector  shown against each:-


S.NO.Rank, Name  & NO.Place of adjustment
1.    Inspr. Gurmeet Singh, 7272/NGO, EXJ005598PCR Jammu
2.    Inspr. Varinder Gupta, 4370/NGO, EXJ955598JKS Range



S.NO.Rank, Name  & NO.FromTo
1.    Inspr. Satvinder Singh, 4380/NGO, EXJ955477JKS RangePCR Jammu (On humanitarian Grounds)
2.    Inspr. Anroop Sharma, 4121/NGO, EXJ922290-JKS RangeDKR Range
3.    Inspr.Ashwani Kumar, 4747/NGO, EXJ966120JKS RangeDKR Range
4.    Inspr. Rakesh Kumar, EXJ085747JKS RangeDKR Range
5.    Inspr. Suhail Rashid, 4394/NGO, EXJ955479PCR JammuJKS Range
6.    Inspr. Sanjeev Kumar, 7282/NGO, EXJ006590DKR RangeJKS Range
7.    Inspr. Mohd. Bashir, 7141/NGO, EXJ006649- RambanAttached from Ramban to  RP Range


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