IGP Traffic J&K Sh. Basant Rath, IPS visits Chamber House


27th February 2018:

Today on the request of President CCI Sh. Rakesh Gupta, IGP Traffic J&K Sh. Basant Kumar Rath, IPS visited Chamber house wherein Presidents of more than 50 business associations and prominent members of CCI were present. On this occasion Chamber, President submitted a written Memorandum to the IGP suggesting many measures to improve the traffic system further.

On this occasion the IGP indicated that Parking in the Bazars may be made as paid parking, no Reharies shall be allowed other than Reharies Zones, NO encroachments shall be allowed around rotaries, footpaths to be cleared and no shopkeepers shall be allowed to cross the shutter level and encroach upon footpaths.

Chamber also suggested that some roads in the Old City may be made one way and also requested that the dropping facility at the Railway Station be free for all.  In the written Memorandum the following suggestions were made to the IGP

1)  That the loopholes at the ground level which lead to corruption in the traffic department need to be plugged so that the system becomes transparent and corruption-free on a permanent basis.

2)  That we expect your department to identify the areas which do not have allotted parking spaces and convey the same to the concerned in the government so that the same could be created.

3)  That the speed limit restrictions should be in writing on the walls and visible to all on all major roads.

4)  It has been usually observed that the buses and the Matadors do not stop at the designated stops created for them to pick and drop creating traffic congestion and leading to accidents often.

5)  That functional fare meters be made compulsory in all Auto Rikshaws plying within the Municipal limits of Jammu.

6)  That  teams be deputed by the traffic department on all major crossings to teach the pedestrians to cross the roads only on Zebra crossing markings.

7)  That there should be enough signboards guiding the drivers to their destinations at different areas throughout the city.

The other Office bearers of CCI present on the occasion include Sh. Rajesh Gupta, Sr. Vice President, Sh. Rajeev Gupta, Jr. Vice President, Sh. Manish Gupta, Secretary General, Sh. Gaurav Gupta, Secretary and Sh. Ashu Gupta, Treasurer.

 CCJ/18/2018                                                   Manish Gupta – Secretary General

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