IIT in Jammu would be a game changer for youth in this region


14-year-old from Bihar cracks IIT JEEThe decision to expedite the setting up the proposed IIT in Jammu city is a positive move as top faculty, experts, specialists, and policy makers would prefer to live near the main city, and closer to the airport and railway station. Setting up the IIT in a far off district or hilly area would defeat the purposes because everyone knows that talented teachers would not be available or ready to serve in farflung areas. The IIT in Jammu if it wants to be best in class should be able to attract talent from across the country, and these people should be able to enjoy normal city, and urban facilities. Getting someone from Delhi, and putting him somewhere in Kishtwar or Doda is unlikely to succeed because the weather is not conducive, and also the physical access is difficult.

Jammu is centrally located to all the districts in the state, and also it is well connected with Kashmir, and rest of the country. The students from across the state would be able to stay and study in this institution because most of the people in the state have a base here. Also those from outside would be able to live without any fear of terror attack or insurgency which outsiders assume is prevailing in the hilly districts of the state, and those which are close to border.

The city also offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and is a secular city where people from outside, and within the state can live peacefully, and enjoy their peculiar culture. The city offers malls, good restaurants, great shopping bazaars, a mix of temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras which makes it fit for people from any community to live. There is plenty of space available in and around Jammu city where a large institution like the IIT can be accommodated easily. The government of the state should take the lead, and work with the union HRD ministry to ensure that setting up of the IIT takes place in a smooth manner, and as early as possible. An IIT in Jammu will push the youth harder to get a seat in this great institution which are great harbingers of knowledge, and technical leadership.