Illegal Crushers Sealed In Kathua, Power Supply Snapped


Kathua:The district administration today acted on nine illegally crushers running in Ravi basin and sealed four of them while disconnecting power supply of others.

DC Kathua, Vikas Kundal had issued an order on April 4 asking District Mineral Officer of Geology and Mining Department, Kathua to close all such units which are running illegally in the area.

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The illegal stone crushers against whom the action was taken today included M/S Kahlou Stone crusher, Chak Deviya, M/S Jay Maa Stone Crusher Chak Deviya, M/S Shri Krishna Stone crusher, Gandyal, Shri Ganpari Stone Crusher Gandyal, M/S S K Stone Crusher Gandyal, M/S New On Stone Crusher Gandyal, M/S Radhey Krishna Stone Crusher, Gandyal and M/S C&C Stone Crusher Gandyal.