Improvisation of the Education Sector is the need of the hour


Citizen Journalist Report by Akshi Koul

The state education department is being highly criticized because of the decline in the standard of education being provided in a government run schools in Jammu and Kashmir. This has necessitated the need of some drastic changes in the system in order to regulate the entire educational sector.

In the past few years, a number of government schools were closed inside the state courtesy very thin enrollment. Even a man with very less income but high aspiration for his children feels reluctant in sending their kid in government school. He work harder so that he can send his ward to a private school at least with minimum facility since he know that it would be far better that the one runs by government in locality.

Though, the government school have much qualified teachers but the consequent wave of corruption has not even left the education sector. There is existence of lack of accountability and it had ruined the base for progress and prosperity.

In  ideal condition, the masses should depend upon the Government School and that can only happen after the department take every effort to ameliorate and improve the schooling conditions which at present is inadequate and necessary.

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