In a first Army to induct ‘these’ desi dogs, post them in J&K


New Delhi: In a first, the Indian Army is all set to induct Indian canine breeds into the Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC).

According to a report in The Times of India, the Army’s RVC centre in Meerut has almost completed the training of six dogs of the local breed Mudhol hounds, which are slated to be inducted into the Army by end of this year and posted in Jammu and Kashmir.

“This is not a spur of the moment decision. Instead, a lot of scientific thought has gone behind it.Mudhol hound is a recognised Indian breed with a strong lineage. With its speed and swiftness as well as size it would be good as a guard dog although it doesn’t mean that it cannot be specifically trained for other tasks as well. While selecting dogs for training, temperament, ability and potential has to be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is too soon to say if more Indian breeds will be inducted in the Army in the future,” the report quoted an officer as saying.