In light of Dulat’s IB tales Farooq Abdullah emerges a real visionary


If the revelations made by former RAW chief have anyFarooq Abdullah semblance of truth than due credit must be given to former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who warned, and even protested against the hamhanded decisions being taken by Delhi in the crucial cases involving the abduction of Rubaiya Sayeed, and also on the hijack of IC814 plane to Kandahar. Dulat reveals that in both the cases Farooq Abdullah had vehemently opposed the release of terrorists and surrender before the insurgent groups.

In December 1989, Dulat recalls how Farooq had opposed the release of terrorists in lieu of the Home Minister’s daughter. Second time also when in December 1999, India decided to release terrorists in return of the hijacked plane’s passengers the former CM had opposed the deal vehemently, and warned that India would have to pay dearly for this mistake.

It was also Dulat who as station chief of IB in Srinagar had to mollify the CM to agree to the demand of releasing the terrorists in 1989. Once again as RAW head, Dulat was sent to Srinagar to placate Abdullah who was ready to submit his resignation to the Governor instead of releasing terrorists.

Dulat recalls how Abdullah had strongly opposed the deals, and in anger called several politicians in Delhi telling how this deal was going to pr0ve a big mistake. Now three decades later Dulat admits that what Farooq Abdullah had predicted proved to be correct.

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