In this part of Jammu, patients are carried on a palki to hospital

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In Chenani Tehsil of our state, most of the terrain is hilly; as a result, even today most of the population here travels on foot. In such a situation, if a person gets sick, they have to be moved in a Palki. This takes them about 3 to 4 hours to get to the Hospital itself which further delays their treatment.

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On Friday, a local woman from Tandar village was brought to Chenani Hospital and it took her almost four hours to reach the hospital. She was injured and couldn’t walk on her own, so she was put on a palki and brought to the Hospital.

The locals have been struggling for a really long time here. There are no roads in this part of the state and that makes everyday work here a real hardship. All they want from the government is to get connected by roads, so that whenever someone gets ill and needs medical attention immediately, they can reach the hospital sooner.

Inputs from Amar Ujala