Incidents like Handwara to repeat in valley, goal is to topple PDP-BJP coalition

Incidents like Handwara are likely to get repeated in the coming months as terror groups and separatists will try their best to malign the BJP-PDP government in the state, warn intelligence agencies and security forces. The union home ministry has also warned that all attempts would be made to topple the BJP-PDP alliance in the state as the separatist camp is not very comfortable with BJP rule in the state as there are chances that it may decide to act against vested interests that have entrenched themselves in the state for last two decades.

The Handwara incident is being cited as the first proof of a large scale conspiracy against the coalition government and security forces, particularly the army. In the latest instance, army officials have been saved because of a video of a brave Kashmiri girl who has accused of a local boy of molesting him instead of a security man. She even alleges that a classmate slapped her, and even snatched her bag and when she wanted to go to police station she was slapped. Intelligence officials said that this incident was well planned and designed to hit the new government and army.

Sources said that anti-India forces are totally opposed to BJP taking power in the state, and as such the ultras and their handlers across the border have hatched the conspiracy to malign the government from day one. More such instigated attempts are likely to take place in the near future warn intelligence agencies, which will be used to ensure that differences between BJP and PDP become acute, and the government is toppled.

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