Increment only after students enrolled in Govt Schools, says CEO’s order


JAMMU: Keeping in view the decreasing strength of students in the Government Schools, Chief Education Officer, Jammu Sat Pal Sharma on Tuesday issued an order directing the Zonal Education Officers, Headmasters and

Principals to get more and more students enrolled in the schools to get their increments.

As per order issued here, said that as it is obvious in the present scenario that the enrollment in the government schools is decreasing rapidly, so it is indispensable for all of us to foil hard for the upliftment of the standard of the education.

“The idea behind issuing this order was to get more students enrolled in the government schools,” CEO Jammu, Sat Pal Sharma here told.

He said that the government schools are providing many facilities to the children and have good teaching staff, adding, “unless the students will not get enrolled in the government schools, how they will be able to find out what schemes and facilities, the government is offering to them.”

“We have launched special drives and campaigns to make people aware of government schools about the facilities, infrastructure and faculty available with us,” said the CEO.

However, the order further read, “meager roll in school was seen during a survey was conducted in May 2015 following which the institutions had less than 15 roll were closed and clubbed with other”.

It further said that inspite of this huge loss nobody bother for the enrollment drive and day by day the condition is getting miserable. It is very prodigious, as we are not playing our role towards this pious job, said the CEO as per order adding that in teaching community there are very generous, tenable master and teachers who can bring laurels for the department, but they are acting as mute spectators.

“They are not convincing the parents to get their wards admission in the government schools,” it read and said that private schools are flourishing and in no way their standard is better so far as the qualification, pay standardy, facilities like MDM, scholarship, uniform and free books supply is concerned.

The CEO said that keeping in view all the factors the Head Masters, ZEO’s and Principals have been requested to depute teachers and masters in their school locality and responsibility be imposed up them that each teachers/master will bring ten students each for the admission in view academic session 2019-20.

In the threadbare discussion and decision with authority that increment of Head Masters and ZEOs will only be released if they will show increase in the enrollment in their schools/zone schools, read an order saying that no officer will take it lightly and will show progress in enrollment.

“It was just an initiative taken on part of the CEO Jammu and the order passed by him is a draconian law,” Anuradha Gupta, Director State Board of School Education, Jammu here told.

She said that the government is making all efforts to bring in more and more students to the schools, adding, “we have admission for all standards including the playway schools, which have also been introduced, so that the children start basic school from government schools and continue in it.”

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