India draws against stronger Armenia in chess Olympiad


© David Llada
Chennai: The Indian open team Sunday drew 2-2 their match against much stronger opponent Armenia at the World Chess Olympiad underway in Norway.

The Indian open team had the crucial advantage of playing with white pieces on the first and third boards against the Armenians.

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On the top board, Indian GM Parimarjan Negi (elo points 2,645) was up against world number two GM Levon Aronian (elo points 2,805) who is said to be deadly with white pieces.

Negi opted for the Ruy Lopez opening, and on the 14th move, Aronian went in for queen exchange.

“That only showed Aronian’s good preparation for the game,” told world number 26 GM P. Harikrishna .

On his part, Negi went for exchanging the minor pieces, and on the 33rd move, both the players signed peace treaty.

The second board duel between GM Sethuraman S.P. (2,590 points) and GM Gabriel Sargissian (2,686 points) also ended in a draw.

The third board saw GM K. Sasikiran splitting the points against GM Sergei Movsesian following perpetual checks to black king by the Indian queen.

A positive result for India was mainly expected from the experienced Sasikiran to take the team forward.

On the last board, the fight for opponent’s king was between GM B. Adhiban and GM Vladimir Akopian who agreed for a draw on the 35th move.