India is losing Kashmir: Chidambaram


New Delhi, April 12: Senior Congress leader, P Chidambaram has warned India and its puppet authorities in occupied Kashmir that they have taken a perilous path that will not lead to any kind of peace or engagement with people.

While talking to reporters in New Delhi Chidambaram said, “My position on Kashmir is well known. I have been writing, speaking that we are losing Kashmir…The path that the government of Jammu and Kashmir and the central (Indian) government have taken is a perilous path. This path will not lead to any kind of peace or any kind of engagement with the people.”

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The former Indian Home Minister said that the lowest-ever polling and people coming out to chase away poll officers portended that there were difficult times ahead in Kashmir and the government had to engage with all the stakeholders than adopting a muscular policy.

The senior Congress leader asked both the regimes at New Delhi and Srinagar to “reverse course” and go back to the original promise that both will engage all stakeholders in Kashmir. “The answer is not using the Army, the armed forces and the police force. The answer is not a muscular Kashmir policy. The answer is to engage with all stakeholders,” he said.

Chidambaram said that the formation of PDP-BJP regime was the first provocation in occupied Kashmir, as it was regarded as an unholy alliance and the people rejected it. Another provocation, he said, was the forgetfulness of the PDP, with it ignoring its own promise that the way forward is to engage all stakeholders.