India is the Rape capital of the World? Hey, Pseudo-Intellectuals/Civil Services Topper! Let’s see the truth!


Ironically, United Kingdom, and many Western countries who think India is a rapist country, have much higher Rape rate than India. You have 6 times more chance of being raped in Bangladesh than in India. You have 9 times more chance of being raped in France than in India. Yet, France is the romance capital of the world and India is rape capital. You have 15 times more chances of being raped in USA than in India. You have 74 times more chances of being raped in South Africa than you are in India.

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Stats are pretty surprising, both India and Pakistan have same rape rates of 1.8 and 1.7; earlier Pakistan had more rape rate than India. Now United Kingdom and BBC which always claims India is a rapist country has rape rate of 19.1 while India has 1.8, yet they call India a rapist country. India is ranked 94th out of 118 countries surveyed, YET, INDIA IS THE RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD?

For those, thinking western society is pretty well-off and most rape cases are reported, unlike India, then check this out:

An organization ‘Mumsnet’ did a survey of rape/sexually abused victims in UK, and was shocked by its results, most of those who had been raped or sexually assaulted (83 percent) failed to report it to police, and 29 percent did not even tell friends or family what had happened. Overall about half said they would be too embarrassed or ashamed of the incident to admit it but two-thirds said they would hesitate because of low conviction rates. More than half of the 1,609 female respondents to the survey said the legal system, the media, and society at large are unsympathetic to rape victims.

A lot of rape cases reported In India Are FALSE. Here Are Some Shocking Statistics.

Out of the 583 rape cases reported in Delhi in 2013, only 12 were true. Shocked? Yes, women safety is one of the biggest issues plaguing the nation. Yes, we need to do whatever can be done to ensure that the women in this country don’t have to think twice before stepping out. India isn’t as unsafe as the media portrays it to be. It is time we stop being so scared all the time and instead encourage our women to live freely, step out when they want to, wear what they feel like. Sensationalizing rapes in India is clearly not going to help. Let’s focus on how to deal with them.

It’s high time, instead of thinking of what’s India’s reputation regarding Rape, we should focus on making India a rape-free country, but calling India a ‘RAPE CAPITAL’ will indeed affect the tourists visiting India. Imagine yourself living in western countries, where they don’t show who was raped everyday, unlike India, where most news consists of rape cases.

You know where this difference comes from? India always accepts her imperfections while others portray their ‘fake perfect’ pictures. Consequently, all focus comes on India’s imperfections while the women in other countries remain oppressed with no voice. And then some ‘pseudo-intellectuals’ and ‘civil services toppers’ call India as ‘Rapistan’! How so dumb? Judgment pass karne se pehle knowledge gain karni chahiye!

 Be thankful that you are in India, not so perfect, but willing to work on it!