India marches for animal liberation


JAMMU, May 31:  To sensitize the people to a basic fact “Animals are individuals like us who deserve freedom, not commodification”, a nation-wide march was organized across 17 cities of India today, which included Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune among others.

In Jammu the march began from Dusshera Ground and culminated at Swarn Theatre.

The march was organized by a volunteer network called India Against Speciesism. Various posters were used to draw attention to the acute misery caused by the demand for milk, eggs, meat, honey, leather, wool, silk, circuses, zoos, etc, which are totally avoidable.

A key aim of the march was to spread awareness about speciesism, the unjust notion that excuses the exploitation of sentient beings on the basis of their species. Justice and kindness should not be confined to humans alone when we know that animals too can suffer acutely. When it’s unfair to discriminate or harm on the basis of gender, race, caste and religion, we ask how it is fair to exploit or hurt animals merely because they belong to other species.


Rahil Kaltra (Management Executive) said, “I was shocked to know that eggs and milk also lead to animal torture and killing. Millions of male chicks and calves are brutally killed every year in India because raising males who can’t produce eggs and milk means financial losses. All farms, urban or rural, big or small, cause animals suffering because they are commodities to them”.

Anu Jain, homemaker, chose to join the march instead of celebrating her 50th birthday with family and friends.