India should not hold dialogue with Pak: Muslim Cleric

Srinagar, August 23: Talks between India and Pakistan is not at all possible at cost of safety and security of Indians suggested a prominent Muslim cleric. According to him there should be no engagement with the neighbouring country unless the cross border ceasefire violations is going on.
“No dialogue with Pakistan is possible at the cost of the safety and security of our countrymen. Pakistan itself is struggling for its survival given the internal conditions of that country,” Syed Athar Hussain Dehlavi, chief of the Anjuman Minhaje Rasool said.
“Not only India, countries like Iran and Afghanistan, too, are victims of terrorism emanating from the soil of Pakistan,” he added against the backdrop of the cancellation of NSA-level talks between India and Pakistan
Referring to a recent row surrounding a Commonwealth event which was to be staged in Islamabad, he said that while Pakistan cannot give respect to the elected Speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, it was adamant on inviting separatist leaders for a meeting with their National Security Advisor (NSA).
“I am happy that the talks have been called off and the onus lies on Pakistan, which has been pursuing a policy of deceit and back-stabbing whenever India tries to extend a hand of peace,” he said.
Meanwhile, asking the government to extend all basic facilities to the residents of the bordering areas “who have fallen victim to the bullets from the Pakistani side”, Dehlavi said that on a tour of the bordering areas of Jammu, he had found that the people there lacked basic facilities.

Image Courtesy: Early Times News

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