d1 Prominent Social worker and SSP Rtd. Bhupinder Singh today conducted a visit to take stock of the losses suffered by the residents of Kapoorpur, Abdal, Bidhipur, Bhojpur, Nai-basti and other adjoining areas of RS Pura sector and also interacted with the Locals/youth of the area.
Singh appreciated the role of youth during this hour of crisis, as they are rendering selfless services to all the flood affected people. He has also appealed more youths to come forward in masses, to participate in and help out with the relief efforts, so as to make the process smooth & quicker. Our team is in constant touch with many such government agencies to get information on safety of our people stranded in Kashmir.
Singh also appreciated the heroic role of the Indian army, Air-force and NDRF in Kashmir, for evacuating lakhs who were stranded in the valley. He also appreciated the relief work which is carried out by various youth, religious as well as non-governmental organizations. “At this moment, affected people need our help to tide over the calamity that has fallen upon them, to survive and to rebuild their lives. I request everybody to stand with our distressed fellow countrymen, and actively participate in the national effort to support them at this difficult time,” former SSP said.
“We hope the victims get proper shelters and medical facility on time and we will keep track of government’s efforts,” Singh said.
Singh also requested District Civil administration to visit all flood affected villages and to take stock of the losses borne by the residents & farmers due to the floods. He said, adding people living in ‘kacha’ houses have been rendered houseless as either their houses have collapsed or partially damaged and no more safe for living.
Singh urged the state government to immediately provide relief to the farmers of these villages to overcome the huge losses suffered by them. He also demanded an early restoration of the road network of border villages.


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