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India tells Pakistan no talks if it wants to play ball with Hurriyat


Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources
Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources

Both India and Pakistan are now blaming each for the failure of the NSA  level talks as New Delhi insisted that terror should be the only agenda of talks whereas Islamabad wanting Kashmir, and other issues also to be brought into the ambit of discussions. India however did one thing right after years and that was to show that talks could not be held hostage to Hurriyat, and other separatist elements particularly after the meeting at Ufa. It was evident that Pak policy which was directed more by the army than government wanted the dialogue to fail, and it goes to the credit of Modi government that it did not fall prey to pressure tactics of Pakistani establishment.

While both refrained from calling of the talks, they blamed each other for the collapse. On Saturday the talks did not take off over the fact that Pakistan NSA insisted on meeting with Hurriyat leadership and also wanted Kashmir to be included in the agenda which was categorically opposed by India.

With Pak NSA Sartaz Aziz making clear that Pak will include Kashmir in the talks, Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj drew the red line which spurred the Pakistan government to issue a statement that talks wont serve any purpose as there were pre-conditions.
Indian foreign minister however made it clear that talks with Pakistan could not proceed as a meeting between Hurryiat and Aziz was sia non qua for India. Swaraj said that as per Simla agreement none can be made a third party to the talks, and keeping in spirit of Ufa the only issue of talks is terror, and nothing else.
She also categorically said that if Pak does not accept the Indian position there would be no talks.

Swaraj made it clear that it was agreed upon in Ufa that talks were not part of a composite dialogue but only a move to check the growing terrorism in this region.

Pakistan however claimed that India can not unilaterally decide that other issues would be discussed only after terror has been neutralized.

In the past, Pakistani leaders have been meeting Hurriyat leaders when they come to India however it was only the present government which has prevented these meetings which India says hurts the spirit of Simla agreement.

Taking a determined stand the Modi government detained the separatists including Shabir Shah and Bilal Lone when they reached Delhi to meet Pak leaders on Saturday.