India terms Kashmir Milliion March in London as inconsequental, calls it gimmick


The government of India has clearly made it clear that it would not be intimidated by the so-called Kashmir Million March which is being planned in London by pro-Pakistan groups on October 26. The Indian government made it clear that such tactics culd not overawe a nation of a billion people. India has also rejected the efforts being made by Pakistan to internationalize the Kashmir issue as it brought out a resolution against Indian over ceasefire violations, and also raised the matter in UN calling for resolution of the Kashmir issue.
The Indian external affairs ministry spokesperson Syed Akbarudin meanwhile said that certain organization which were bent upon creating a wedge between India and UK were trying to use the Kashmir issue as per their selfish agenda. The spokesperson also made it clear that UK considered this issue as bilateral, and wanted both India and Pakistan to resolve it. Taking this into account, Indian officials said that they were quite comfortable with any kind of march which would be taken out in that country. He also asserted that India was a country of billion people, and number did not overawe it.

Earlier, this issue was raised by Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj who took up the matter with her British counterpart during her visit to London last week. The Million March is planned by anti-India groups from Trafalgar Square in London wih the aim of highlighting the Kashmir issue. The Indian government has also said that repeated ceasefire violation by Pakistan was meant for domestic audience, and India will not succumb to any pressure tactics of this kind. The external affairs ministry has also maintained that passing of resolutions in the parliament of Pakistan is an internal matter of that country, and it does has no effect on the bilateral nature of the Kashmir issue. India however has maintained that it is ready for talks with Pakistan under the provisions of Shimla agreement, and Lahore declaration but in an amicable environment for which steps would have to be taken by both countries.

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