Indian Air Force has once again proved its mettle and the CONDORS of Air Force Station Jammu under Wing Commander Anup Sharma and his team were launched to rescue marooned villagers including 03 women and 03 children at village Akhnoor Paliyari, today. A request was received from civil administration at 0740 hours today. The Air Force promptly addressed the aid to civil authorities and as soon as the rain stopped at 0845 hours, a MI-17 helicopter was airborne for the rescue of the people. The names of rescued villagers are Balwan Singh, 38 years, Kritnam Singh, 45 years, Madan Lal, 50 years, Shyam, 40 years, Harbansh Lal, 32 Years, Mohan Lal, 34 years, Madan Lal, 49 years, Sariya Begam, 35 years, Kaka, 04 years, Liyakat Ali, 15 years, Jetti Bibi, 45 years, Ilma Bibi, 09 Years, Sakeena, 40 Years and Bav, 03 Years.

The villagers expressed their gratitude to the Indian Air Force and civil administration for the timely assistance which resulted in their lives being saved.