Indian army adopted a family which once helped everyone

Abdul Ghani was a residence of village Loran, Poonch district and a driver by profession. Most of his time was spent out working in other states to include Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, but whenever, he was at home with his family, he taught basic driving skills to local unemployed youth helping them to earn livelihood. He also provided monetary assistance to a number of needy families of Loran and thus gained a very good reputation in the village. His family comprised of his wife Akbar Jan, two daughters named Praveen Akthar, Gulshan Akthar and a son Harshan Ghani. He had some agricultural land, income from which barely helped his ends meet, therefore, he learnt driving which became his main source of income. Education of his children was his first priority as he expended most of his earnings on educational expenses of his children. In a rural area where many girls do not have access to basic education, Abdul Ghani ensured school education of both his daughters along with his son.

Army Adopts a family

Abdul Ghani started showing symptoms of paralysis four years prior to his death, ie, in the year 2011. Initially he didn’t undergo medical treatment citing reasons that majority of his income with be spent on medical expenses. Even in the initial stages of the disease, he kept working hard to earn daily bread for his family, ignoring his poor health but soon the symptoms of disease became severe and left side of his body became paralyzed. Slowly and slowly, the cost of treatment and medicines started draining out the savings done by the family. As told by neighbors and villagers, he was a person who would fight till the end but would never ask for any favours from anyone. Bravely battling the disease and facing a dire financial condition, the individual finally succumbed to severity of the disease.

Abdul Ghani is still remembered as a very helpful, kind and cooperative person in the neighbourhood. He was one of the finest and most responsible person from the area and having worked in other states of the country, with his varied experiences, also motivated local youth to take up driving as a profession so as to earn an honest livelihood for their families. Since Abdul Ghani’s death on 15 December 2015, his family is going through a difficult stage, as most of their income has already been spent for his treatment. His younger daughter who was studying in the tenth standard had to stop her studies owing to financial problems. The condition of the family started deteriorating and the entire family of four stays in a single room dilapidated house, without basic household amenities and surviving on the help from locals and the Army by way of ration and clothing.

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