SEARCH FOR SURVIVIORS BY 60 RRThe recent floods due to torrential rains this year have inflicted large casualties, stranded hundreds of people and damaged civilian property   including animals and livestock in J&K.   In one such incident, three   members  of  Mohammad  Aslam’s family  including  him   were  buried  under debris at Dhok Bagla near Kotranka on 06 Sep 14 due to a massive   landslide.     Recovery of dead bodies of the family became intricate for the civil administration due to continuous and heavy rains in this tough mountainous terrain.   The plight of relatives of the family became more sensitive as they  wished to carry out last rites of the departed souls. Once again the men in uniform were there in their hour of grief. Samote based Rashtriya Rifles Battalion,  under Uniform Force, took over the responsibility of doing the yeomen service. A team of the Battalion headed their way to the village negotiating and endangering their lives in face of the vicious form of Mother Nature.


After a long journey of seven hours, the party was able to reach to the fatal site. The landslide over the Dhok was so massive that even the natives could not locate the exact location of the collapsed Dhok but the men in uniform relentlessly searched for any survivors of the family despite harsh weather, chilling winds and heavy rain. Finally, after a search of three days, the bodies of all three members were recovered. The team helped the relatives in carrying out last rites of the departed souls. The relatives of the deceased family expressed their sincere gratitude to the entire team for their humane act. The men in olive green are always and forever for the AWAM of J&K.

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