Indian Army saves a village from burning down into ashes


Kistwar: Indian Army saved a village from burning into ashes in Kisthwar,Srinagar.According to Media source a village in Kistwar Kigam was reported to be on fire when someone saw flames and fumes coming out a house at Monday Midnight. Fearing wide spreading of fire  Indian army was called for help.

Responding to the request for help Army immediately reached the spot and without wasting any more time army started the evacuation  process and within no time army moved villagers to a safe spot. After that with the help of local people army took control of the fire and soon after manages to extinguish the fire,With minimum damage in which two houses and two shops were burnt down, Which can easily be a  huge disaster.
Other than that army also provided locals with some basic relief supply such as blankets and  food supplies etc.According to a local resident  “The credits goes to Indian army for their quick action,otherwise damage could have been much worst””As it turned out that Jawans of Indian Army turns out to be Guardians angels for us” He further added.
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