Indian Army turns Savior, wins heart in Kashmir


Intervention of the Army saved life and property from fire damage at Pachkot village of Kupwara. Army personnel from  Haphruda camp not only doused flames of a house which was on fire but also rescued the family members trapped in a major fire.

On Friday night a major fire wrapped the house of Abdul Rashid Bhat S/o Abdul Gafar Bhatt resident of  Panchkut, Kupwara. Imidately after fire  Residents of Bhat Mohalla witnessed a prompt and quick action by Haphruda Army Camp in evacuating the occupants to safety and salvaging the household items thereby averting major loss to lives, limb and property.

“Soldiers led by an officer from the  camp reached the site of the incident, &  started the rescue operation. The successfully along with locals rescued all family members.

Following morning, large quantity of ration stores to include rice, ata, daal, refined oil, kerosene, medicinal stores and clothing were handed over to occupants of the house by Haphruda Post Commander. Certain amount as monetary aid was also given to the occupants.

Haphruda Post commander on behalf of CO 15 RR also consoled the family members and extended full support and assistance for any further requirements.

The whole Bhat Mohalla appreciated and applauded this prompt and generous act by the army. Such acts will go a long way in strengthening cordial relations between AWAM”& “JAWAN” in the back drop of militancy.

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