Indians open to new thoughts, ideas: Jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali

New Delhi: Jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali says that Indian market is ready to experience new trends and ideas and hence she has tried to give an international feel to her latest line made for jewellery brand Tanishq.

“Usually brands don’t want to experiment as they believe customers won’t like it but I always feel that customer was not offered new variety. Today in the age where with one click of button, you are accessible to world-over designs so ideally you are not competing only with next door dealer and you are not just having exposure to one client

“Hence through my latest range of Tanishq, I wanted to use an Indian motif but give an international feel,” Farah told IANS.

The designer has announced the launch of the second edition of the Farah Khan for Tanishq Collection, designed exclusively by her. The range is an extension to the elaborate diamond jewellery collection line launched last year which is an amalgamation of diamonds and other precious stones.

“The last collection was a great success and I strongly feel that India is really open to new thoughts and new ideas. The mass market is open to new trends because they get red carpet feel in lower price bracket and they can easily pass the pieces to generation after generation,” said Farah, who is the daughter of Zarine Khan and veteran actor Sanjay Khan.

Having designed for some of the top Bollywood celebrities and with 22 years of experience in the filed of jewellery designing, she insists on being a perfectionist who loves to please herself first so that so that she can eventually please her clients.

Farah Khan Ali (1)

She admits that she has to do everything well so that it all comes together eventually and this is exactly what she did for her Tanishq range

“Last year when I launched my collection, I visited about 10 cities all over India and understand what they want, like or dislike and its been great learning experience. This year I am going to 22 cities. Clients sometimes are very demanding and want the best so that’s a greatest challenge. Each collection will be an expansion of these interactions,” she said.

Currently the Farah Khan Fine Jewellery brand retails in India, but her clients are spread across the globe. The Label is looking at expanding internationally in prominent fashion capitals of the world and is in talks with various International chains to do so.

“I am working on Indian line designed by me and it will start from Rs. 10,000. It’s going to be fun line. We are also concentrating on the Farah Khan bride that will include new opulent pieces. We are also looking for franchise in Bahrain. Through these steps, we would like to be household name in every city of India and also internationally,” she said.

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