India’s weak military, political resolve ensures J&K villagers keep suffering from Pak firing

Ceasefire migration 2A couple of days after Pakistani politicians threatened India that it had developed tactical battlefield nukes now it is the turn of their army to rattle the entire international border with Jammu and Kashmir with heavy mortar, and small arms fire causing immense trouble for the villagers.

In the wake of Pak threat, and ability to provoke, and counter India on the border it seems we dont have any answer to the challenge posed by the neighbour. Not many will know sitting in Delhi or in safety of Jammu or Srinagar what is happening to the people of border villages who are being targeted by Pak forces. Their lives are in danger, property is being destroyed, cattles killed, and they are being forced to migrate to safe places.

In a stock response, the Indian authorities unable to neutralize the Pak threat have identified government buildings which are safe, and the villagers would be moved there till the situation normalizes. For the third day today Pak army badgered more than 25 villages, and 30 border posts in which people are getting hit. In Samba, Hiranagar, and Kathua there has been escalation in tension with Pak army firing mortars continuously. A house in Hiranagar was hit directly by Pak mortar in which six members of a family were badly injured.

As result of the firing, the people of border villages of Bobiya, Patti, Mawa, Chalyari, and Chechwal are migrating to safer place. However, despite the upheavel there is no solution coming to this problem because India does not have any solution to this problem. Neither we have enough power to contain Pakistan nor any political solution to resolve the issue as a result of which common man keeps on suffering while mandarins in Delhi keep on looking for track II diplomacy, host Pak artists, and singers like Ghulam Ali.


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