Indiscriminate arrests of MLA’s /Ministers’ of AAP on the complaint of sexual assault & some other baseless cases.


Jammu : In a meeting of AAP members at Jammu on 06-99-2016 under the President ship of S. Deep Singh, Founder & National Council Member, Aam Aadmi Party, have jointly expressed great surprise over unified attack of all Political Parties through almost all TV Channels over so called rape & disregard to women folk by the Aam Aadmi Party. We feel that it is result of crushing defeat of Congress, BJP & the others in Delhi elections that they are not in a position to digest the defeat particularly at a point when they see repeating the history in Punjab. It is really astonishing as if all these Parties have Saints in their cadre. Whereas the matter of fact is that in every Party we have found that women exploitation is everywhere in every State; some of them even have Party heads in the State but nobody takes cognizance. It clearly means that in a organized manner a sort of propaganda is being unleashed against AAP so that their good image is tarnished & eclipsed in a systematic manner at the hands of those who are involved neck deep into the menace themselves. Corruption, land scandals & Sex scandals etc are order of the day of each deep rooted Political Parties. Is there any example of arrests of MLA’s/ Ministers’ in any other state of the country as is being done in Delhi? Virtually, people of the country are watching this selective onslaught at the hands of perpetrators misusing their official position they said. There has been no example of such types of arrest as is being observed in Delhi with AAP MLAs/Ministers and Delhi Police is seemed to have crossed all limits of the morality at the behest of some vested interests working against the Aam Aadmi Party .

These vested interests have been befooling the people of the country by making of false propaganda against their rivals particularly AAP which is seen to be emerging as the most popular party in India. The people of India as a whole are seen to have chosen an alternative of all other traditional political parties. These vested interests should note that they have to face the consequences of making false propaganda against AAP to defaming it.  It is again very ridiculous to find some politicians sitting on DHARNA with black tags who have tainted Party Heads in some States. Members of AAP who attended the meeting were, Ram Singh Chauhan, Kuldeep Kumar Rao, S. Gurtaj Singh, Anil K Gaind, Ram Paul Khajuria, , Jai Dev Charak,  R.L.Raina, Kalyan Singh Chib, Yog Raj Sharma, Behari Lal Bhagat & Chaman Lal Sharma. 

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