Indulge in healthy food, but mind the portion

Indulge in healthy food, but mind the portionNew York:  Indulging in health food items to cut flab? Make sure you know how much to eat as it is possible overdose of right food can prevent you from losing weight.

Nutritionist Lisa Young shares a list of food items that are easy to overeat and tips for portion control:

* Ready-to-eat cereal: Sugar-sweetened cereals are a big no and it is always advised to choose a cereal where the first ingredient is a whole grain. However, pouring your healthy whole grain cereal into an oversize bowl can often spell disaster. Those who are watching their weight should eat approximately one ounce of ready-to-eat cereal.

* Hummus: Hummus or chick pea dip is a super healthy snack. It contains protein and healthy fats. Fresh vegetables dipped in hummus makes for a great snack. But it is easy to overdo it, especially if you buy the jumbo tubs of hummus or if you are nibbling at a cocktail party. Eat approximately two tablespoons worth of hummus as a snack. Add baby carrots, celery, and red pepper for crunch, volume, and a boost of nutrients.

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