Industrial Pollution goes unchecked in Udhampur!


Along with the many political problems that are there in Jammu, there is another problem that does not catch the attention of the masses, i.e. environmental degradation. While the local authorities in Kathua have acted carefully against the infringement submitted by businesses there, comparable activity is anticipated in Udhampur where infringement by ventures have crossed all breaking points and life of local people has turned out to be hopeless.

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The concrete industry in Udhampur is discharging dirt, filthy smoke, and residue making it troublesome even for people living some meters away from the industries. A few people have even got medical issues because of this. The spread of smoke leads to air pollution which can cause various airborne diseases, along with breathing issues. The dirt released from the industries gets settled on the garments also and ruins them altogether. All in all, the violations by industries are causing serious inconvenience to the public.

Notwithstanding when it rains the water gets dusty by blending with toxins suspended in air and is unsafe for soil and harvests. The public of the region have engaged the DC Udhampur to educate the violating industries and act carefully against them with the goal that the individuals may be able to live in a healthy environment which is a fundamental right granted by the India Constitution under the fundamental right to life and personal liberty.

The situation is such that some people have even taken steps to dissent and call for the lockdown of the defaulting industries if the concerned divisions do not act positively.