Inflation hits shoppers, shopkeepers in Kashmir on Eid; traders witness lowest turnover


eidThis Eid as the shopkeepers witnessed a drop in sales the street vendors did a brisk business.
The rush in the market was huge but some of the famous shops of the valley witnessed lower turnover.

“We haven’t experienced such low sales in years. This year the market declined completely,” says Zahoor Ahmad, a trader at Abi Guzar, Lal Chowk.

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Whereas when one passes through the streets – which are meant for vendors one goes through huge rush of people. One of the prominent reasons behind this customer fallout is inflation.

“The prices have increased tremendously over past one year and because of this reason people prefer to buy little or nothing at all,” says Zahoor adds.

Commenting further on price rise people say that branded goods are so expensive that they cannot afford to buy them owing to which they prefer a vendor or any common shop.

“The prices we are being offered are sky rocketing. How one can afford such costly things at this time of inflation,” says Jamsheeda, a homemaker.

However, there is no such scene witnessed in case of bakery or confectionery items.

The bakers have taken their stalls down to the streets in order to cater the heavy rush of customers.

People made their way towards bakers and grocers few days in advance. “The rush remains so heavy that we prefer to buy the required items few days ahead of Eid also in order to avoid inconvenience,” says Javed Ahmad, a local.

While the prominent bakers of Srinagar have already ran out of stocks. “I rushed to Mughal Darbar, a famous baker, in the morning, but had to return empty handed for the rush was huge and some items were already out of stock,” says Altaf Ahmad, another local.

The same rush is being witnessed by mutton and chicken sellers. On Eid these people do a brisk business for mutton and chicken dishes are lifeline of Eid in Kashmir.

“Be it poor or rich everyone cooks these two things in here and due to which the business remains quite good in these days,” says Mohammad Ashraf, a butcher.

Lubna Reshi