Influential, connected officials likely to escape axe in Mufti’s second list of corrupt

deadwoodWill the influential and affluent corrupt officials who have connections and are on the top rung escape the state government’s so-called anti-corruption drive once again is a big question rankling the minds of the common man in Jammu and Kashmir. While the first list of corrupt against whom action was taken had few higher ups but it was expected that the second list will axe a number of top bureaucrats with a corrupt track record, and against whom several vigilance inquiries are pending.

All hopes of action against the corrupt by the government are now getting belied because there has been too much delay in making the list public, and announcement of action against these officials.

The real reason for this delay is that top politicians, and bureaucrats are trying to save their henchmen in government who have colluded in robbing the state exchequer, public funds, and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It is now being speculated that only those officials who have been convicted in corruption cases are likely to face the axe, and those accused who were named in complaints will be spared punishment. This sources said is a stratagem which has been devised by bureaucratic and political nexus to save not only their own skin but also of there bretheren.
It is a different matter that lower ranking officials, and those who are small fish in the corruption trade will face the brunt and made scapegoats in this fight against corruption.

It has been two months since the first list was made public but since then no action has come from the state government clearly sending the message that fight against corruption is likely to face a slow death.

To save themselves from action the corrupt officials are trying their level best, and pulling all strings to avoid the ignominy of being axed from government service. Apart from this the tainted officials are also being reported to have paid huge sums to politicians for saving themselves. The big sharks as such who are flush with money, resources, land, and other ill-gotten gains as such are likely to escape the anti-corruption drive whereas the small fish may get fried in the second list of corrupt officials against whom government plans to take action.

Source also claim that if the government is unable to take action against the high and mighty then it would send a very wrong message to the electorate that Mufti government is no different from the previous regime which was voted out because it was steeped in corruption.

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