Influential J&K Police Officers enjoy immunity of Seniors


Enjoying Prolonged stay despite Transfer Policy

Jammu: Prolonged stay in government departments against a set norms in accordance with transfer policy has become a special feature of Jammu and Kashmir State, and Police department is no exception to the phenomena.

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There are so many influential inspectors and Sub-Inspectors who do not get transferred outside Jammu, and the modus operandi they adopted is very surprising as they shift different police wings for some months, when others are shifted to other districts.

If sources are to be believed, all of them enjoy the blessings of some senior police officers. Sources further maintained that there are some Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors who are running police stations and police posts for last ten to twelve years, whereas there also some who have not given a single change to head the police station or police post in Jammu district for last so many years.

“There are some officers of the rank of Sub-Inspectors and Inspectors who are not even touched at all when other SHOs transferred to outside districts and different police wings. Whenever, they have been shifted, they have managed to get their transfer orders cancelled,” claimed sources.

The blue-eyed officers who are over staying in Jammu district used to please their bosses and keeping them in good humor, said a police officer wishing anonymity. He further said that posting in police station or police post in Jammu district without political connection is a tough job for officers.

Governance in the state taking last breath after knowing the fact of said department’s deeds that is known to maintain law and order, but the fact of the matter is that J&K Police Department fails to maintain order in its own department. Governor vowed to provide clean administration to people, but it seems that Rajbhavan has compromised with the situation.