‘Influential’ PDP leader booked for beating up Ambulance Driver


Jammu and Kashmir News

Srinagar, July 6 : The Political personnel of the State have beaten all records of being irresponsible and irrational. The PDP leader, Bashir Ahmed Mir, who was defeated from the Kangan constituency, allegedly thrashed an ambulance driver following which an FIR has been lodged against him.

According to the witnesses, the incident took place on Monday at a Government Hospital in Kangan area of Ganderbal district, where the PDP leader asked the hospital ambulance to drop a patient at a village in the district. The patient was a known of the former leader.
The ambulance driver told him that the bridge that connected the village was meant for light-vehicles and the ambulance comes under the heavy category. He urged the leader to arrange for a mini bus which is a light-vehicle. To this suggestion, the PDP leader got infuriated and started beating the driver ruthlessly. He cursed him for not obeying his words and dared him for giving dictations.
The police were reluctant to file a complaint against the “influential politician of the ruling party” initially, but owing to the public resentment, they had to finally give in and file a case. The local people complained before the Kangan police that the accused politician was a “habitual offender who keeps abusing people left right and center”, they even called him Kakar Khan of Kangan and were dismayed on the police’s initial reaction of letting him go Scot free.
A case vide number 62/2016 under section 353 RPC  was filed at Police Station Kangan.
Meanwhile, the accused politician refuted the charges, saying that he did not misbehave with anyone. He further added that it is a conspiracy to defame him. He even stated that after police investigations, if he is found guilty, he must be punished, with no exceptions.
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