INFORMATION ALERT | Why ATM pin is a 4 digit number

INFORMATION ALERT | Why ATM pin is a 4 digit number
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It’s been more than 50 years, these Automated Teller Machines or ATM have come into our lives and so to say, it has made our lives most convenient ever.

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The ATMs installed now at every foot step, can provide you money anywhere, anytime with a simple and single swipe. You require cash, find an ATM machine nearby, swipe your card and enter your 4-digit ATM PIN.

INFORMATION ALERT | Why ATM pin is a 4 digit number
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 But during all this, have you ever thought WHY THERE ARE ONLY 4-DIGITS IN THE ATM PIN?

Why isn’t there a longer PIN may be of six digits that can be more hard to guess?

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Well, the idea of the 6-digit PIN was proposed by the man who pioneered the development of the ATM machine. He was born in Shillong and was son of a Wimbledon ladies doubles champion, Dorothy Barron.

His idea to keep a 6-digit PIN for ATM cards was rejected because Scot’s wife Caroline was not able to remember a 6-digit code. The longest string of number that Scot’s wife was capable of remembering is four.

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Reportedly, 6 numbers stringed together were too much information for her to recall. This made Scot to keep 4-digit Pin of ATM cards.

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So, those who feel hard even to remember your 4-digit pin, please be thankful to woman. If there has been no woman in Scot’s life, your ATM pin might have been longer and so is your trouble remembering it.

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