Inhuman – Man in Jammu ties his children with chains on terrace

Jammu Poverty forces a man to go against his will and do things which he otherwise will not do at any cost. A poor cobbler, Ramesh Kumar who lives in the Janipur area of the Jammu division displayed sadistic and inhumane behaviour and that too with his kids. Ramesh Kumar has three kids- two of them are special children whereas the third one is mentally unfit. He used to tie his kids with the chains in order to restrict their movement and that too on the terrace of his house. No matter how harsh the weather; he never had mercy on them. They were kept on the roof during sunny days and on the days when there were incessant rains.

The ‘rumour’ somehow reached to a non profit organisation – Voice for Right and they managed to unchain the kids from the guardianship of their heartless father. The workers of the NGO approached the Janipur Police Station following which Ramesh Kumar was arrested. The complaint was lodged against him and he is being tried in Janipur Court. The step-mother of the children, Neelam Devi was not arrested.

Police arrested him on the spot and it was found that he had chained his 11-year-old daughter Manshu and 17-year-old son Pawan Kumar. The police unshackled both of them.

Talking in favour of his husband, Ramesh Kumar’s wife said that due to the dearth of space her husband took this step. According to her statement, there are only two rooms in their house, one out of which is used by the Ramesh for the purpose of shoe-making. She said that oftentimes children used to pick up stuff kept on the floor and gobble it down. As few items used in the process are lethal in nature so tying them with chains was the safest option to keep them away from danger.

According to the SHO Janipur Police Station, Rakesh Singh Bahu that Ramesh Kumar’s third child, Sahil is sick and he could not get out of bed. After further investigation they found that the family was in financial trouble. The police will thoroughly look into the matter and if after further probe it will be found that the family could not fulfil the basic needs of the children, they will handle them to the Mother Teresa Home centre which is located in Sarwal.