Injustice by Government: Failed to accord martyrdom to Chamail Singh

The families of all the Indians languishing in the Pakistani jails, have time and again demonstrated against the Government of Pakistan and demanded justice from the Government of India.

Sohan Lal Choudhary, S/o Garu Ram Choudhary, who was a resident of Gulabgarh in Suchetgarh, was mentally unstable due to which he inadvertently crossed the Zero line while working in the fields on 11th May, 2014. According to his wife, Sukhvinder Kour, Sohan Lal was taken into custody by the Pakistani rangers and his whereabouts are still unknown. His wife lambasted the Centre Government for grossly failing to negotiate with the Government  of Pakistan in order to facilitate his return.

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Sohan’s wife lives with their two daughters, 6 and 10 years old, and has been running from pillar to post with all efforts in vain. With no money in hand, it has been impossible for her to educate her daughters. She has already approached many PDP officials and the local MLA’s but none of them have given any substantial results. She has requested the government to facilitate the release of her husband.

On the other hand expressing their resentment over the Central and State governments for not taking the case of Chamail Singh seriously, the family members recalled that the convict, who was a resident of village Pargwal in Akhnoor, who was brutally murdered in Kot Lakhpat jail in Pakistan in 2013, has not been given justice till now.

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They even cited the example of Sarabjeet Singh, who was also killed in Pakistan, and whose family was compensated with Rs. 1 crore 25 lacs by the Punjab Government and his children were given employment by the government, and how the BJP led governments, both at Centre and the State, had failed to accord the status of a ‘martyr’ to Chamail Singh. The governments have paid no heed to pay even a single penny to the family of the deceased so far.

Chamail Singh’s wife, Kamlesh Devi, said that the Prime Minister Narender Modi during his Assembly elections rallies in Jammu persistently pronounced that the ‘martyrdom’ of Chamail Singh would not go in vain and if BJP was voted to power, the government would accord martyr status to the deceased along with adequate compensation.  

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She said that it was an irony that the BJP which garnered huge mandate of the people during the Assembly elections had only played with their sentiments for electoral gains by extending false promises to provide justice to Chamail Singh. It has almost been four years since his death and the family of the deceased still haven’t received any aid from the Ministry.


Chamail Singh has 5 sons and all of them are unemployed. Speaking about his father, Deepak Singh, said that the leaders used his father’s name while campaigning and once they were in power, they left the families of the victims stranded. They feel that since they hail from a very small place with no source to power their voice, they are being neglected. 

The State as well as the Centre Government are to facilitate the return of Sohan Lal Choudhary and accord martyr status to Chamail Singh along with providing adequate compensation to the family of the deceased at par with Sarabjeet Singh. 

With BJP failing to take stern steps to meet the demands of the victim’s families, it exposes the treacherous character of the Saffron party.

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