Injustice to Jammu started in 1951, and continues till date as political power vested in Kashmir


The decision of giving only 30 legislature seats in Jammu region with one seat for 60,000 people, and 43 seats to Kashmir with one seat for 40,000 people in 1951 started the discrimination which has continued to haunt the people of Jammu since then. The discriminatory allotment of seats ensured that political power was not shared equally but transferred effectively to Kashmir region, whose leaders have ensured that subjugation of Jammu is complete. The politicians, and leaders of Jammu have also acted as stooges of the Kashmiri leadership, and hurt the interest of the people badly.

The mental conditioning of slavery is so strong that even an historic opportunity to share power on equal terms was squandered by BJP, which in no time junked it’s core ideological issues such as abrogation of article 370, delimitation of assembly seats, giving citizenship rights to west Pak refugees. But all this has gone in the drain since BJP came to power, and the party has also ensured that the change in demography being attempted in Jammu is also not opposed. If this continues, and Jammu does not witness any opposition to these attempts the day is not far when Hindus of this region would be outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and may be forced to migrate like Kashmiri Pandits.

The distribution of seats which happened in 1952 started the discrimination agenda against the Jammu region, and based on population parameters, geographical compactness, terrain, and other factors Jammu should have got more seats. The demand for delimitation of seats has been pending since last many years but the Kashmiri politicians ensure that it is not addressed as they do not want to end their hegemony. The tragedy is that J&K Delimitation Commission which decided the distribution of seats gave only 37 seats to Jammu whereas 46 seats were given to Kashmir.

These numbers are not based on hard census data which too appears to be fudged as there is a wide difference between growth figures of Kashmir and Jammu. While Kashmir is shown to have massive increase in population, the number is considerably less in Jammu which shows that something is amiss in data which needs to be studied, and truth brought out. If this does not happen just by citing more population the hegemony of Kashmir could one day bring immense disaster to Jammu which is witnessing a dangerous demographic experiment.

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