Insensitiv​e parties show disrespect to the mourning state



Just scrolling through the local sites, I came across these party invites and felt aghast at the timing of these when the state hasn’t even recovered from the trauma of the ruthless floods that shattered many corners throughout Jammu and Kashmir and bereaved people of their loved ones, homes and dreams that certain insensitivity is shown by few groups in the state by arranging hip-hop parties and late hour DJ nights today.




Whereas the rest of the country is arranging several functions and events to pool in money in aid of the flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir, these parties show a level of irresponsibility and inconsideration towards the emotional turmoil and sentimental pain these people are going through. While many people are still stuck in areas where water is still lodging and many of those who are rescued are depending on the donations and aids provided by state and central government and not to forget that there is very low supply of even the daily necessities, is it right to arrange these parties that not only look thoughtless and heartless but further sprinkle salt on the deep wounds the state has endured.

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State government has announced that even the religious festivities like Navaratras should be a low key affair to pay respect to the loss and grief of the dead and the affected, parties like these present a very unpleasant image and give a very cold hearted, inhuman and unsympathetic message to the flood affected and rest of the state.


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