Inspector Shakti Devi does Jammu and Kashmir proud,gets International Peacekeeper award


Inspector Shakti Devi receving International Peacekeeper awards-2

SRINAGAR: The Director General of Police (DGP), Mr. K. Rajendra Kumar, has congratulated Inspector Shakti Devi of JKP, for getting International Female Police Peacekeeper Award-2014.
Adding to the ever growing list of accomplishments and honors, Inspector Shakti Devi of J&K Police took it to the international level and has been honored with the International Female Police Peacekeeper Award, 2014 at the 52nd International Association of Women Police Conference, Winnipeg, Canada. The officer belonging to JKP was awarded and selected by a committee comprising IAWP, UN DPKO and the Office of Rule of Law and Security Institute, New York.
Inspector Shakti Devi has 14 years of professional police experience in Jammu and Kashmir Police Organization. Presently she is working with United Nations mission in Afghanistan since 2013, wherein she has contributed to the improvement of the status of female police and has effectively helped the Afghan Police move towards achieving their goals of fully adopting democratic principles of policing. Prior to this she has also served UN peace mission in Timor-Leste in 2012.
Shakti has shown highly professional determination in empowering female police officers in Afghanistan despite safety and security risks. She held a critical role in leading the establishment of Women Police Councils and made it fully operational.
Her capacity to advocate at all levels of police hierarchy and act as effective trainer to impart knowledge and skills has tremendously helped in ensuring marked improvement in the police service delivery in Afghanistan. In particular, she convinced local police leadership to undertake safety outreach programs in schools that provide safety to girl students
Smt. D R Doley, J&K Cadre IPS officer presently Director, North Eastern Police Academy, Meghalaya was also one of the esteemed delegates representing India in this International Conference.

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