Installation of Ropeway Trolleys inPaddar to benefit farmers: Abdul haq

SRINAGAR, JUNE 15:Minister for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Law & Justice, Abdul Haq,today said that installation of ropeways in Paddar in Kishtwar for transportingagricultural products will benefit farmers of the area.

Replyingon behalf of Minister in-charge Agriculture Production to a Calling AttentionNotice of Sajjad Ahmad Kichloo in the House Council, the Minister said with aview to facilitate transportation of vegetables, fruits, other agriculturalproducts and inputs, the Agriculture Department  in coordination withother concerned agencies, made an extensive survey of Paddar areas during2007-08. He said that it was found that farmers could be benefited byinstallation of Ropeway Trolleys as were in use in the neighboring states ofHimachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. He said accordingly, four spots/locations wereidentified for the proposed Ropeway System.

Abdul Haq said thatthe PWD Department framed the estimates during 2007-08 for fixing of theropeways at a total cost of Rs. 1.37 crore. He said these estimates werefurther recast during 2011-12 at Rs. 44.8.7 crores and accordinglyadministrative approval was accorded by the Agricultural Department and theirexecution taken-up under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY).

The Minister said that 90% work on installation of 1.50 Km ropeway at Gulabgarhto Ligri with a cost of Rs 70.74 lakh has been completed and tightening andtesting of Ropeway is under process. He said for installation of 2.50 KmRopeway from Sohal to Chitoo the part material has been stacked at the site,while as material for installation of 5 Km ropeway from Sohal to Kabban at acost of Rs 15.20 crore and 4 km ropeway from Sohal to Ungaie with a cost of Rs1.29 crore has been stacked at Gulabgarh Paddar.

He said that allthese four works were allotted to M/S Himcable Ways of Chandigarh duringNovember-December 2012. The works got delayed initially as projects were to bedesigned by the agency and the same was to be vetted from Design Directoratewhich took some time. He said material was supplied in the year 2014-15 after alot of persuasion.

Abdul Haq said thatvarious notices were also issued by the R&B Department to the said companyfor early start & completion of the Ropeways. He said the agency startedactual launching works on Gulabgarh Ligri section in October 2015. As of now,the launching work has been completed and only tightening & testing ofRopeway is to be carried out which is expected to be completed shortly, hesaid.

He further saidthat the progress on other three spots shall also be expedited, subject toavailability of balance funds by the Agriculture Department.

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