Instead of begging to form the Govt, BJP needs to show spine in J&K


PDP, BJP, CONGRESSTo counter the backlash in Kashmir, and to gain on the popularity charts, PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti is continuing with her antics to prove that she has arrived on the stage, and is in firm control of the party. Assertions by Mehbooba, and her party colleagues like Muzzafar Beg that Agenda of Alliance will be reviewed is also a message to BJP that it can’t rely on political parties which are totally opposite to it’s ideology.

What RSS and BJP ideologues based in Delhi say is that government with PDP was formed in J&K to get a toehold in the administration. They make these assertions despite the fact majority of them don’t know that physical distance between Jammu and Srinagar is 300 kms, whereas the emotional distance from Kashmir is too big to be fathomed. The people of Jammu have neither cultural nor linguistic affinity with Kashmir, and they also are firm believers in India as their motherland. In this elections they had voted for BJP because they believed Modi would be able to undo the long perpetuating discrimination, stop appeasement of Kashmiris, ensure that delimitation takes place in the state, and also take steps to weaken the Article 370.

Instead what BJP did in the name of strategic interest was to sign an agenda of alliance which was against it’s own ideology, against the interests of it’s voters in Jammu , and against the very idea of India itself. By delaying government formation, PDP has caused a major embarrassment to the saffron party in Jammu where it had distanced itself from the voters, and supporters. There were repeated demands across Jammu region for BJP to assert itself, and realign the party goals with it’ s ideology but before it did so, the PDP has managed to snub the Amit Shah led party.

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