Instead of giving sermons,NC should introspect itself: PDP

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 Srinagar, March 1  : Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir lashed out at the National Conference saying that it was  misleading the people systematically and exhibiting political wickedness by viciously attacking PDP.

Mir said that after having failed to provide any relief to the people in six years of chaotic rule,National Conference is now trying to subvert any chances of movement in line of peace and political stability for its own oblique motives.

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Addressing party delegates  , Mir said today the NC leadership is giving sermons on PDP’s 10 months of governance but they have conveniently forgotten their role in Haji Yousf’s mysterious death ,Markundal killings, Gool atrocities, Gargrin killings, BOPEE Scam, Cricket Scam, Drug Scam, death of infants at Children Hospital, PHE Scam, land grab scam etc.Mir said despite having full support of the Centre and alliance partner- Congress , Omar could not achieve anything for the people of Jammu and Kashmir instead he used the ally Congress’ support to unleash terror on the people and just survive as a chief minister.

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Rafi Ahmad Mir said that the necessity to have a common minimum program in any coalition is inevitable otherwise  we have a recent example of  Omar Abdullah heading a coalition without any agenda or Common Minimum Programme. In absence of any such agenda the only aim of a person becomes to be the Chief Minister for the sake of it.

PDP does not want to repeat Omar Abdullah where a closed door deal was concluded with the Congress in half an hour in December 2008, with just one condition that he will be the Chief Minister for six years,” he said.

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Rafi Mir said that instead of getting anything substantial for the state he eroded the prestige of the Chief Minister’s position and bartered the State’s interests for power.He said how can we forget that instead his government surrendered the arrangement with the J&K Bank as the banker of last resort which has resulted in fiscal destitution of the state.Today Mehbooba Mufti has shown political maturity and it is her immense desire and vision of late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to empower the state and restore its prestige glory but the National Conference is misleading the people for its own political gains without even introspecting what disservice the party had done to the state and its inhabitants.

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