Inter district burglers gang busted in south Kashmir

Kulgam: Police kulgam  solved various burglary incidents that have occurred at different places of kulgam, viz a  viz Srandoo, Qaimoh,  Qazigund, DH Pora and yaripora by arresting the inter district gangs  of following  burglars who have looted  Cell Phones, camera laptop,  readymade garments, saloon, cattle/sheep  and Kiryana items from different shops on different occasions:-

  1. Mohd Ramzan Sheikh R/O Wanpora Qaimoh.
  2. Mohd Ibrahim  Sheikh @ Ibi R/o Hawoora.
  3. Gulzar Ahmad Dar  R/O Wanpora.
  4. Bashir Ahmad Mir R/O Hydergund Zainpora.
  5. Tariq Ahmad Bhat  Bhat R/O Wanpora
  6. Bashir Ahmad  Ganie R/o Chitragam
  7. Mohd Hussian Bhat  R/o Hydergund Zainpora.
  8. Bilal Ahmad Lalo R/O Redwani Payeen,
  9. Shahid Ahmad Bhat R/O Redwani Payeen.
  10. Mohd Yousf Lone R/O Heff Shermal SHopian,

The  above said burglars are involved in following cases:-

  1. Case FIR No 237/2015 U/S 457,380 RPC of P/S Kulgam.
  2. Case FIR No 55/2016 U/S 457,380 RPC  of P/S Kulgam.
  3. Case FIR No 77/2016 U/S 457,380 RPC of P/S Kulgam.
  4. Case FIR No 78/2016  U/S 457,380 RPC  of P/S  Kulgam.
  5. Case FIR No 62/2016 U/S 457,380 RPC of P/S Kulgam.
  6. Case FIR No 98/2015 U/S 457,380 RPC of P/S Yaripora.
  7. Case FIR No 28/2016 U/S 457,380 RPC of P/S Yaripora.
  8. Case FIR No 80/2016 U/S 379, 427 RPC of P/S Pulwama.

The  accused namely Bashir Ahmad Ganie and Mohd Hussian Bhat have been apprehended as they were the sole recovers of   stolen  property who have their own shop in the area of Zainpora and have sold stolen property to the common consumer of respective area. On the disclosure of apprehended burglars  various stolen property has been recovered while as some of the stolen property is yet to be recovered as on the disclosure of the apprehended burglars various other names have surfaced regarding which efforts are in progress to nab them and get the remaining  stolen property recovered, By  effecting the arrest of these burglars almost all the under investigation burglary cases of  district Kulgam have been cracked.

In addition to above  local police Qazigund also succeeded  in busting  of a gang of burglars  involved In stealing of sheep/ cattle and have arrested  the below mentioned accused persons.

01.Aqib Ahmad Mir R/O Bon Devsar.

  1. Adil Rashid  R/O  Bon Devsar.
  2. Rafakat Ali Khan R/O  Bokal Reasi.
  3. Shabir Ahmad Kahn R/O Arnas Reasi.
  4. Javid Ahmad Bakarwal R/O Sangaldan Ramban.
  5. Mukhtar Ahmad Dar R/O  Nagshivpora Shopian

The above gang was  involved  in stealing of  sheep/ cattle  from the area  and transporting/exporting the same outside the jurisdiction. The gang was using one Santroo Vehicle Bearing Regd. No JKO5B/2157 and one Motorcycle Bearing Regd, No DL6SAK-3426  for the transportation of the stolen  property. By apprehending the said gang the below mentioned cases of police Station Qazigund/ Dh Pora were solved and stolen property recovered..   the vehicles  used for the  burglary incidents have also been seized. Moreover the Police Qazigund also  apprehended  one accused  namely Hilal Ahmad Malik @ Ganda  S/O  Gh Mohi-uD-Din R/o Salyaloo Qazigund and recovered  a huge quantity of stolen property at NHW  stolen from  Bazari Kulgam. The said accused was travelling in a Arya Vehicle Bering Regd. No JKO3E/7084 along with the stolen property.  The Stolen property  mustered oil of different type worth thousands of rupees  and the vehicle  has been seized on the spot.  The other accused involved  named as Parvaiz Ahmad Rangraze ( Kingpin) is absconding and  efforts are on  to effect his arrest.  All the accused persons are  thoroughly questioned  by police Kulgam and more recoveries are expected  from them.

  1. Case FIR No 59/2016 U/S 457,380 ,511 RPC of P/S Qazigund (Challan).
  2. Case FIR No 76/2016 U/S 457,380 , RPC of P/S Qazigund.
  3. Case FIR No 41/2016 U/S 457,380 , RPC of P/S DH Pora.
  4. Case FIR No 90/2016 U/S 457,380 RPC   of P/S Kulgam.

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