Internal cleanliness demands more attention: Rao


An Active member of All J&K Movement for Peace & Justice, Sh. Kuldeep Kumar Rao has said that in cleanliness Abihan “SWACHH BHARAT MISSION” launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi ji is a highly appreciable but unless the parliament, Assembly & Bureaucracy are cleaned of dirty, corrupt & criminal elements and unless commission based corruption at high level is cleared, this external or physical cleanliness is not going to yield much fruit. The internal cleanliness of the mind & the soul is much more important than the external one.

     Mr. Rao said that the adulteration in food stuff & medicines is much more killing than the heaps of rubbish & dirt. Either the existing laws should be amended or stringent new laws should be enacted to deal formally with the adulterators. Those who are killing innumerable people by this slow poising should not be spared and nothing less than death punishment should be awarded to them. We should follow the footsteps of China in this regard.

      Mr. Rao said that there is big list of Bureaucrats, Ministers, politicians and others who are involved in many heinous acts and there is no provision to punish them. In our country culprits are being shielded because they are functionaries of one or the other party. The statements of some public servants at the top level regarding rapists that we cannot hang the culprits but compensate it is perhaps the reflection of the same. Does compensation mean that one’s life and honour can be restored and does it mean that such misdeeds can checked, I do not think so, it will mean that rich can do anything at the force of his wealth and poor man’s life and honour is always at stake.


     Mr. Rao further said that  undoubtedly the best way of paying tributes to Gandhi Ji is that all of us should contribute wholeheartedly to create classless society where equality and justice will rule the roost but Hon’ble Chief Minister should act accordingly & give the practical shape as given in the press statement.


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