International drug racket busted ‘near’ famous Residency Road Hotel

Jammu, July 3: Under operation Sanjeevani, a team of Police Station City Jammu headed by Inspector Shakti Devi. SHO Police station City Jammu, under the supervision of Sh. Vivek Shekhar KPS, SDPO City North Jammu and Dr. Vinod Kumar IPS SP City North Jammu, arrested four persons near Mansar Hotel Residency Road in Jammu after specific inputs. The names of the four persons are

Drug Peddlers caught in Jammu (5)

3 Nawaf Khan s/o Nawab Khan r/o Vakkavil House Kanni Mangalam District Palakkad, Kerala, and

4 Mohd Ajmal Roshan s/o Hanif r/o Keser Kot District Kesargod, Kerala

Drug Peddlers caught in Jammu (1)

A total of 3kg of high quality brown sugar was recovered from the possession of the above mentioned quartet. The value of the confiscated brown sugar is approximately 5 crores INR. According to police statement, this is an international drug racket that has been busted. The Brown Sugar was brought from Rajouri and was finally to be delivered in Kuwait. The consignment had been delivered to their contact in Delhi initially but the courier was brought back to Jammu when the peddlers got wary.

Drug Peddlers caught in Jammu (4)

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