International Men’s Day is meant for improving gender relationships and respecting diversity

The International Men’s Day (IMD), started in 1999, is going to be celebrated around the globe on November 19 to honour men’s and boys’ contribution to the society and focus on improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.

According to Glen Poole, UK co-coordinator for IMD, a large majority of people do not take the observance seriously. Poole, also the author of book “Equality for Men”, has urged people to take it with profoundness for highlighting the true essence of gender equity.

Likewise, the equality4men campaign wants harmony in world that works for people of all genders with a focus on the personal, political and practical concerns of men and boys in the 21st Century. The campaign has urged people to help them to grow as a community together.

John Hembling feels that efforts at the state and political levels are not genuine but forced ones under the pressure of egalitarian feminism. He says, “Egalitarian feminism has produced a decidedly female centric inequality of both rights to access, as well as outcome. A move towards actual forced equality of outcome would be a move to benefit men.”

I personally think that International Men’s Day is meant for improving gender relationships and respecting diversity.


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