Internet addiction- A day without internet in Jammu


The Internet has broader aspects in all spheres of today’s world. From dawn till dusk and from dusk till dawn internet becomes an obsession. As soon as you wake up, you go to check Facebook as if it is the morning newspaper. Oops, no internet

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there’s been a civil war for the last many years with different militant groups trying to seize control of the territory. The chaotic atmosphere of terrorism, unrest and Bandh calls affect the functioning of state’s life. The authorities scrap internet services anytime they wish. As the state government’s claim to maintain peace and harmony in the state to prevent the turmoil, sometimes be linked to stoppage of internet services. Thus internet becomes a scapegoat at the hands of government authorities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The growing addiction to the internet is not just confined to other parts of the country but the state of Jammu and Kashmir too affected by it. A day without internet in the State of Jammu can be devastating to the youth and other working professionals.

Addiction to the internet is not just a serious health issue but also affects the work-life balance of working professionals. It has been observed that the majority of those questioned had predispositions for Internet addiction. This included weak control over time spent online, over their own activity timelines and priority setting. But thanks to the government of Jammu and Kashmir to limit the usage of internet to some, whether it is be a pro or con but somehow by scrapping the services it could be blessing in disguise to addicted Internet users.


Addiction to the internet also results in eating disorders, lack of sleep and loss in intellect. Apart from the loss of creativity at work, there were other serious health complications too. The study revealed that excessive internet usage had adversely impacted the general socio-occupational functioning of individuals, especially disturbance in sleep due to late-night facebook schedules, erratic meal schedules, poor personal hygiene and family relationships.


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