Internet generation missing out on field sports


By Citizen Journalist Madhur Khajuria

Modern social media has evolved far more than being just a medium of communication. It provides entertainment, information and online presence to a lot of people. Major players of online communication being Facebook, twitter while online media sharing have veterans like Youtube and instagram. People connect with people around the world by mere click of a button. But, a downside to this is that the younger generation is devoting the crucial time to these internet engagements when they are ought to develop both physically and mentally. Today, a boy of 8 years would happily play a game on I-pad than go out and play cricket. Where games and sports taught some important lessons and helped in the all round development of the kids, unproductive devotion to internet hinders it. Hence, let us motivate or restrict them accordingly and send them out to play on field and have an all round development.